Amol Panchel: The Visionary CEO of Retake Transforming the Tech Landscape in Dubai


In a city that is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, Amol Panchel stands as a testament to what can be achieved with vision, grit, and a knack for seizing opportunities. As the CEO of Retake, Amol is revolutionizing the market for refurbished phones, device recycling, and gadget insurance in Dubai. His previous venture scaled to an impressive 8,000 orders a day before being acquired by NOON, a prominent UAE company. This article aims to spotlight Amol Panchel, a business leader whose success story is as inspiring as it is instructive.

A Track Record of Success

Before diving into the world of tech refurbishing and recycling, Amol had already proven his mettle in the business world. His previous company not only scaled to 8,000 orders a day but also caught the attention of NOON, leading to a successful acquisition. This experience provided Amol with invaluable insights into scaling a business and navigating the complexities of the Dubai market.

Retake: A Market Leader in the Making

With Retake, Amol has tapped into a niche yet rapidly growing market. The company specializes in refurbishing phones, recycling electronic devices, and offering insurance plans for gadgets. In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, Retake’s business model is not just profitable; it’s also socially responsible.

Beyond Refurbishing: A Holistic Approach

What sets Retake apart is its holistic approach to the tech lifecycle. The company doesn’t just refurbish phones; it also offers recycling services, ensuring that devices have a second life and reducing electronic waste. Adding another layer to their services, Retake also provides insurance on devices, offering customers peace of mind along with high-quality products.

Plans for Expansion

Amol’s vision for Retake goes beyond its current offerings. With plans to expand the company, the future looks incredibly bright. Given his track record and the growing awareness around sustainability, Retake is poised to become a dominant player in the tech industry, not just in Dubai but potentially on a global scale.

 A Leader with a Vision

Amol Panchel is not just a CEO; he’s a visionary. His ability to identify market gaps and his willingness to venture into uncharted territories make him a standout leader. His success with his previous company and the rapid growth of Retake are testaments to his business acumen and leadership qualities.


In the ever-evolving tech landscape of Dubai, Amol Panchel is a name to watch. With a successful exit already under his belt and a rapidly growing company in Retake, Amol is a shining example of entrepreneurial success. His focus on sustainability and responsible business practices adds another dimension to his already impressive portfolio. If you’re keen to know what the future of tech in Dubai looks like, keep an eye on Amol Panchel and Retake—they’re building it.