Amir Kimri: The Mastermind Behind DubDay Events, Dubai’s Premier Networking and Dating Hub


In a city that thrives on connections and social dynamism, Amir Kimri stands out as a visionary entrepreneur. As the CEO of DubDay Events, Amir has carved a unique niche in Dubai’s bustling event scene, offering a blend of professional networking and dating experiences, including speed dating events. With a multimillion-dollar portfolio and fluency in four languages, Amir is not just a business leader; he’s a social connector par excellence.

A Global Perspective

What sets Amir apart is his rich, global perspective, cultivated from living in nine different cities around the world. This international exposure informs the ethos of DubDay Events, making it a magnet for Dubai’s cosmopolitan population. Whether you’re a business professional looking to expand your network or someone seeking meaningful social connections, DubDay Events offers an environment that is both diverse and inclusive.

More Than Just Events

At its core, DubDay Events is not just about organizing events; it’s about creating experiences. Amir and his team go beyond the logistical aspects to focus on what truly matters—the human connection. Each event is meticulously planned to facilitate genuine interactions, whether it’s a business networking session or a speed dating night. The aim is to break the ice and foster connections that could lead to professional collaborations or personal relationships.

A Multimillion-Dollar Portfolio

Managing a multimillion-dollar portfolio is no small feat, but for Amir, it’s all in a day’s work. His business acumen is evident in the way DubDay Events has grown, becoming a go-to name for quality events in Dubai. The company’s success is a testament to Amir’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his ability to adapt to the ever-changing social landscape of a city like Dubai.

The Language of Success

Amir’s fluency in four languages isn’t just a personal skill; it’s a business asset. In a city as diverse as Dubai, the ability to communicate across cultures is invaluable. This multilingual capability adds another layer of appeal to DubDay Events, making it accessible and welcoming to people from various linguistic backgrounds.


Amir Kimri is more than just the CEO of DubDay Events; he’s the heartbeat of a brand that is redefining how people connect in Dubai. His unique blend of professional networking and social dating events offers something for everyone, making DubDay Events a name synonymous with quality and inclusivity. If you’re in Dubai and looking to expand your professional circle or find meaningful personal connections, DubDay Events under Amir’s visionary leadership is your ultimate destination.