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The Karat Guy

In this compelling episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Leonardo Fernandes, the entrepreneurial force behind The Karat Guy, a renowned jewelry shop that has captivated Cape Town and has now expanded to Dubai’s prestigious Emaar Square


In this eye-opening episode, we’re joined by Didier Rooms, founder of ADD-Design, to explore the transformative impact of AI and NFTs on Dubai’s business and cultural landscape.


In this riveting episode, we sit down with Amol Panchel, the visionary CEO of Retake, a company that’s making waves in the tech refurbishing and recycling industry in Dubai.

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Brian Driggs

Brian is not just your guide; he's your companion in this incredible journey. With a heart full of passion for Dubai's culture and a mind brimming with curiosity, Brian brings you closer to the city's essence through his insightful conversations. His warm and engaging style will make you feel like you're sitting right there, sharing a cup of tea with him and his fascinating guests.

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